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oakley services uk ltd

About us

Oakley Services UK Limited was founded with a vision to provide practical based skills rather than those currently on offer. Our team of associates have a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience in their chosen field. All of them take great pride in passing on their knowledge and enthusiasm to their family of delegates.

Within Oakley Services we recognise that everybody has a valued contribution to make. We don't have a `them and us' philosophy but a more team focused, proactive view of how can we make it work for our clients.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Oakley Services UK Limited was formed to ensure that businesses and individuals have access to practical, solution based assessment, consultancy, development, training and event services so that they achieve their objectives at a time that meets their needs. By doing this we will become the provider of choice by our clients and build a sustainable business with year on year growth.

To achieve this vision we will:

  • Provide high quality services to our clients so that they can compete efficiently and effectively in the market place that they operate.

  • Provide a forum for unbiased help and support. Provide access to practitioners, who are specialists in their fields to offer practical based solutions to our clients' problems.

  • Provide hassle free operation by providing outstanding customer service which will exceed our clients expectations.

  • Provide a enjoyable learning environment in our training and development.

  • Promote and practice best practice values and beliefs in all our business ethics.

By promoting our mission we will share our own core values of:

  • Delivering what we promise when we promise we prove our reliability.

  • Using only high calibre professional staff and associates we prove our competency.

  • By meeting our clients agreed outcomes we prove our trustworthiness.

  • By respecting our clients and their business we prove our professionalism and honesty.

  • By using the above values we guarantee that we will provide our clients with cost effective value for money services which dovetail into our client's values and ethics