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How we interact with our clients:

We believe that for any relationship to flourish you need a conceptual understanding of our key processes. We are a strong believer in communication and have published the flow chart below illustrating how we project manage the process. .

You may consider either a tailored or open course programme but are unsure as to the benefits of each

Why Oakley Services tailored programmes are such a good investment

Using our tailored programmes addresses specific issues raised within your organisation.
Our tailored programmes utilise your systems and procedures eliminating any confusion from delegates.
Our tailored programmes are based around when and where you want them to take place. Thereby you can plan the service into the best time for your businessthey return to their place of work as to what system to use.
Our tailored programmes can take the format of workshops, one to one coaching or facilitated events. We use whatever format achieves the best learning.
Our tailored programmes are cost effective for larger groups and programmes. We have a large pool of high quality trainers and consultants. So we can match your needs with a trainer or consultant that has a wealth of relevant knowledge and experience.
Our account managers keep you informed of the progress through the different stages. Any changes are agreed before rather than after the event.
Our tailored programmes have continuous quality and improvement monitoring through the development, design and delivery stages.
Our tailored programmes are followed up after an agreed time to evaluate the programmes success and identify and build in any further developmental needs. Why use an Oakley Services Open course programme
Your employees network with delegates from other industries thereby obtaining a wider business perspective.
Oakley Services open courses are cost effective and ideal learning events for small groups.
Your employees can disseminate best practice principles from the other delegates so getting additional value added learning.
Delegates can feel special as you have invested time and money in them, thereby increasing their knowledge, confidence and motivation when they return to the organisation.
Oakley Services systems can remind you when delegates need to attend a refresher, thereby helping you maintain your competency matrices.