General Engineering Training

As with anything that is new, you need to nurture it. It is not a case of just doing this but ensuring you get the best from your future. By attending our Apprentice mentoring programme, you can understand and use simple techniques so that you can get the best from an apprentice. By doing this they form part of your succession planning strategy.

Organisations must not only consider how to develop their workforce and products but in addition their processes, thus enabling their product efficiency to impact on their competitive advantage. Our range of programmes on Business Improvement Techniques help you critically examine the business as a whole.

The courses we offer are:
Apprentice Mentoring
Business Improvement Techniques

We can offer, in conjunction with our Operational division, courses and programmes in Management, Leadership and Finance.

If you are looking for additional support or you require more information on our current programmes, please contact our client advisor team on to discuss your personal requirements or you can call them on 01256 698070.