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Safety Services

Our team of Safety, Health and Environmental specialists offer our clients practical solutions to the cumbersome world of legislation. The need for organisations to comply with the large amount of legislation is motivated by the Health and Safety Executive, Health & Safety inspectors, insurers and also the legal profession.

Our team are here to offer help at all levels from helping compile your policies and procedures, assisting your named person in meeting the legalistic pressure to sitting on your board to help form your strategy. With experience in a wide range of sectors we can relate to your problems and offer practical solutions. To help make life simpler we have developed a special range of Total Solution Packages. Thereby you save time and money not worrying about when to do certain tasks. Our specialists are there to help and guide you. For more details of our Total Service packages please contact our client advisor Team by email at info@oakley-safetyservices.co.uk or call them on 01256 698070 The courses displayed are just some of the range that we offer. If you do not find programmes you are looking for, please contact one of our client advisors on info@oakley-safetyservices.co.uk or telephone them on 01256 698070.

*This does not include specialist services for which additional charges may be applied

Dedicated account manager
All trainers and consultants are practitioners who are used to providing practical solutions
Oakley services have a large number of trainers and consultants available
Telephone support is available as and when required
Preferential rates available when using other Oakley Services divisions
Preferential payment terms

The Standard services which we have available are:

Training CIEH Registered Centre
Consultancy Assessment & Monitoring
Accident Investigation
Occupational Health

We are here to support you not hinder you so whatever support you need contact the experts ... contact Oakley Safety Services.

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